Disability Awareness Month: Match Game


October 2017

Match Game

This exercise lists famous people whose names and accomplishments are probably familiar to you. However, you might not know that they are or that they are/were a person with a disability.

Match the person in the first column with his/her disability in the second column.  Draw a line between the person and their disability.

Name Disability
Albert Einstein Stuttering
Magic Johnson Oral Cancer
David Beckham Learning Disability
Tiger Woods Traumatic Brain Injury, Sleep Disorder
Halle Barry Depression, Alcoholism
Billy Joel Bipolar Manic Depression
Kurt Cobain Alcohol Addiction
Sigmund Freud HIV Positive
Harriet Tubman Blind, Deaf
Edgar Allen Poe Diabetes, Amputee
Ron Santo Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Ben Stiller Blind
Helen Keller Diabetes
Danny Glover Epilepsy
Stevie Wonder Depression, Drug Addiction


Answers can be found at: http://www.workabilityutah.org/youth/toolkit/famouspeoplequiz.php


7 things you’ll never hear a successful person say

Success, Go Get It!

If you spend time around truly successful people, you may notice that there are some things they simply refuse to say. They do not waste their time dwelling on negative thoughts or making excuses. They know that self-limiting beliefs keep them from success and excuses are simply stories that do not solve problems in a meaningful way.

The decision to avoid false beliefs is deeply ingrained in those that continue moving forward and helps them succeed. Here is a list of seven things that you will never hear from a great entrepreneur.

  1. “I can’t do it.”
  2. “I don’t know how.”
  3. “I don’t have enough time.”
  4. “I don’t have time to learn.”
  5. “If I had more funding, I’d be successful too.”
  6. “Our competitors are stupid.”
  7. “Culture is overrated.”

Be sure the company you keep supports your mission and fosters an environment that helps lift you to excellence.

Read the original article on Inc.. Copyright 2017.

Commitment Demands a Choice

100% Commitment

Committed is the word used to describe some of the most successful people today, as well and others throughout history. Committed to their work and/or to their cause.  Their success has not come from any reported sense of genius or exceptional trait other than a willingness to stay ‘in the game’. They are individuals that have held steadfastly to a set of commitments and have seen these commitments through.

Sure, many times it is hard to commit – to agree to give it our all. It is not easy, I know. Because if it was, there will be no success stories in our world today; no successful marriages, friendships, work plans, etc.

Stay focused; fall down seven times, get up eight. Keep moving, keep growing, keep learning and stay committed. Real commitment is a lifetime venture, requiring time, hard work, and determination.

How passionate and committed are you to making a project work, making your career plan successful, raising your children, staying fit and healthy, etc.?

Commitment demands a Choice! Commitment demands Action!


No Kid Hungry

If you know of a family with school-aged children in need of breakfast and/or lunch this summer, simply text “FOOD” to 877877 to receive a message with the nearest location where you can get free summer meals. You can also call the Hunger Hotline at 1.866.348.6479 for immediate assistance.

No child should go hungry!

Take the Road Less Traveled: Pursue a Non-Traditional Career

Do not let gender get in the way of a great career. Each year more and more people look to break traditions when it comes to their future.

Nursing Students Worker
Nontraditional Careers Can Mean:

  • Higher Wages
  • Financial Security
  • Good Benefits
  • Opportunity for Advancement
  • Will receive more attention/recognition
  • The great impact on society
  • Freedom to pursue careers related to your interests and abilities

Nontraditional Careers are defined as those having less than 25% of one gender employed in the workforce.

Know Your Options

For more information, comment below or contact your Special Populations Director.

The Family Counseling Center of Central Georgia

Family Counseling Center

The Family Counseling Center of Central Georgia strives to preserve & strengthen the well-being of individuals & families within the community in order to promote a healthier society through easy access to professional services.

The agency provides families with the opportunity to discuss their concerns with a trained licensed therapist in either the Macon or Warner Robins office.

Addressed Issues Include:

Care of young children & elderly family members
Child-rearing questions
Communication difficulties
Divorce and Restructuring of families
Follow-up care after hospitalization
Premarital and marital issues
Sexual and gender concerns
Single parent family issues
Substance abuse

  • There is NO charge for Bibb & Houston City recipients of TANF, Food Stamps, Public housing, Section 8 or Habitat for Humanity.
  • There is NO charge for victims of crime with a police report
  • AMERIGROUP Medicaid is accepted
  • Other fees based on family income and number of people living in the household (sliding scale; average hourly fee per hour is $29 for most families).

NO outside referral is necessary! NO eligibility requirements!

Confidentiality is insured by both legal and ethical guidelines.

For detailed information, visit www.fcccg.org or contact:
Kashatryia Eason, keason@centralgatech.edu or
Donna Dutcher, ddutcher@centralgatech.edu