#PurpleThursday at CGTC’s Warner Robins Campus!

CGTC table set up with pamphlets about domestic violence awareness

Lakeshia Nelson, Special Populations project manager on the CGTC Warner Robins campus, recently spoke with students and visitors alike on Thursday, October 18, as they stopped by the table in the lobby of A-building to receive informational pamphlets on domestic violence awareness and safe dating. To relay the impact of domestic violence awareness, the Special Pops team played a video of women sharing their stories about how they survived domestic violence. As a bonus to stopping by the table, visitors had the chance to take a giveaway bag and some other goodies if they were wearing purple.

CGTC table set up with pamphlets about domestic violence awareness

Growing up as a witness to domestic violence as a child, Lakeshia wants people to know that domestic violence is real. In sharing her story, Lakeshia was able to speak with several women at the table who shared their personal stories, and consoled several who shed tears for someone they know who is currently experiencing domestic violence.

If you or someone you know in the middle Georgia area needs help, you can contact the 24-Hour Crisis Hotline at (478) 923-6294 or (478) 745-9292.  Help is also available via The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Click the following link to view one woman’s story on how she survived domestic violence.  https://youtu.be/sXOp4qSFJLI

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