Disability Awareness Month: Match Game


October 2017

Match Game

This exercise lists famous people whose names and accomplishments are probably familiar to you. However, you might not know that they are or that they are/were a person with a disability.

Match the person in the first column with his/her disability in the second column.  Draw a line between the person and their disability.

Name Disability
Albert Einstein Stuttering
Magic Johnson Oral Cancer
David Beckham Learning Disability
Tiger Woods Traumatic Brain Injury, Sleep Disorder
Halle Barry Depression, Alcoholism
Billy Joel Bipolar Manic Depression
Kurt Cobain Alcohol Addiction
Sigmund Freud HIV Positive
Harriet Tubman Blind, Deaf
Edgar Allen Poe Diabetes, Amputee
Ron Santo Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Ben Stiller Blind
Helen Keller Diabetes
Danny Glover Epilepsy
Stevie Wonder Depression, Drug Addiction


Answers can be found at: http://www.workabilityutah.org/youth/toolkit/famouspeoplequiz.php


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