7 things you’ll never hear a successful person say

Success, Go Get It!

If you spend time around truly successful people, you may notice that there are some things they simply refuse to say. They do not waste their time dwelling on negative thoughts or making excuses. They know that self-limiting beliefs keep them from success and excuses are simply stories that do not solve problems in a meaningful way.

The decision to avoid false beliefs is deeply ingrained in those that continue moving forward and helps them succeed. Here is a list of seven things that you will never hear from a great entrepreneur.

  1. “I can’t do it.”
  2. “I don’t know how.”
  3. “I don’t have enough time.”
  4. “I don’t have time to learn.”
  5. “If I had more funding, I’d be successful too.”
  6. “Our competitors are stupid.”
  7. “Culture is overrated.”

Be sure the company you keep supports your mission and fosters an environment that helps lift you to excellence.

Read the original article on Inc.. Copyright 2017.


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