Commitment Demands a Choice

100% Commitment

Committed is the word used to describe some of the most successful people today, as well and others throughout history. Committed to their work and/or to their cause.  Their success has not come from any reported sense of genius or exceptional trait other than a willingness to stay ‘in the game’. They are individuals that have held steadfastly to a set of commitments and have seen these commitments through.

Sure, many times it is hard to commit – to agree to give it our all. It is not easy, I know. Because if it was, there will be no success stories in our world today; no successful marriages, friendships, work plans, etc.

Stay focused; fall down seven times, get up eight. Keep moving, keep growing, keep learning and stay committed. Real commitment is a lifetime venture, requiring time, hard work, and determination.

How passionate and committed are you to making a project work, making your career plan successful, raising your children, staying fit and healthy, etc.?

Commitment demands a Choice! Commitment demands Action!



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