Helpful Hints for Adult ADD/ADHD

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Being Impulsive can lead adults with ADD/ADHD to agree to too many projects at work or make too many social engagements. But a jam-packed schedule can leave you feeling overwhelmed, overtired, and affect the quality of your work and study time. Turning things down may improve your ability to accomplish tasks, keep social dates, and live a healthier lifestyle. Check your schedule first before committing to something new.

It’s time for finals… and that fact alone can be overwhelming! Keeping in mind a couple of simple reminders, can help us all get through the endless study hours that find us so easily at a semester’s end. Yes, it is possible to get focused and turn chaos into calm.


2 thoughts on “Helpful Hints for Adult ADD/ADHD

    1. I agree, and hope that any student needing assistance will email, call, or stop by the Office of Disability Services on either the Macon or Warner Robins campus.

      Macon – 757-3676
      WR – 218-3229

      Thank you for your comment!!


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