What is Veditz?

Veditz is the first mobile, on-demand and live interactive video chat tutoring, interpreting and practice platform for the Deaf and others learning one of the world’s major sign languages regardless of where they are or what device they’re using – PC, Mac, Chromebook, or Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.  Veditz is currently in private beta. You’ll need a special Group Code (VeditzASL) to sign up at this time, if you have one sign up and create your profile.  (The profile setup is free for anyone who wants to use the service!)

This cool website that makes it super easy for people to find ASL study partners and then practice online for free. And it also offers paid tutoring and interpreting for dozens of subjects delivered in ASL. If you join students can practice together. You can sign up at by using the special group code VeditzASL.

***Any staff members who just want to use Veditz as a resource for those who uses sign language to communicate, DO NOT have to sign in the profile option.


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