Startling Statistics

startling statisitics

•  In 2012, 4% of male workers were in jobs with below-poverty-line wages.

•  In 2013, 58.6% of the population without a disability and 16 years of age and older was employed while 17.6% of the disabled population 16 years of age and over was employed.

•  In 2013, 6% of households headed by single women lived in poverty, while 15.9% of households headed by single men and 5.8% of married-couple households lived in poverty.

•  In 2014, 83% of single households were headed by women.

Just a few statistics regarding the participation of men and women in the workforce and their representation and earning power in various nontraditional career fields that are too important not to share.

National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity:


2 thoughts on “Startling Statistics

  1. This information is very informative. I’m also a single mother and I truly believe that we should always be thankful for the things we have because they’re people, who are in far worse conditions.

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  2. I think so too!! Generations are built strong with quality education and career training!! This is so important… Thank you so much for your comment:)


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