Mom Guilt

mom guilt

Are you feeling “MOM GUILT” over coming back to school? You are NOT alone!

During all of the hustle and bustle of getting your kids ready to go back to school, it’s easy to put your own hopes and dreams on the back burner. Every time you spend time studying or preparing for class, those feelings of “mom guilt” start to creep into your mind.

What if I miss out on my child’s big milestones? Can we really afford for me to do this? How will I ever balance everything?

The most important thing is to know you’re not alone! Plenty of moms have had the same concerns about heading back to school. Trust me – it’s worth it! This feeling of “mom guilt” is common and it’s deterring women from earning their degrees. But furthering your education actually makes you an incredible role model for your kids!


3 thoughts on “Mom Guilt

  1. The greatest gift you can give to your children is to show them that you are confident in yourself and that you always have their best interests at the center of what you do. They are quite resilient and will look back on your efforts to better yourself with pride! I’ve dealt with this type of guilt myself but you will get through it and your family will too.


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